I offer a variety of services to help you get started living your healthiest life. This includes one-on-one counseling to help you determine the best way to make healthy changes in your unique life, taking into account your health needs, habits, food preferences, career and family.  I also offer packages to allow you to make long-term changes affordably, and provide you with accountability.  All appointments are virtual/online, which means you can see a registered dietitian in the comfort of your home or office and saves you time by eliminating travel, parking, and waiting times.   **Please note prices will increase on June 30, 2017**


Fresh Start Basic (6 weeks) Package: $185

4 individual virtual appointments – 1 initial 1:1 appointment plus 3 follow up appointments over 6 weeks.

$230 $185 (get 1 free follow up by purchasing this package)

Fresh Start Plus (3 Months) Package: $275

What you’ll get:

  • 6 individual virtual appointments (One 60 minute appointment and Five 30 minute follow up sessions) over 3 months
  • Strategies for meal planning, lifestyle, and overall health to help you feel your best
  • Meal plan (7 days) individualized to your needs
  • Unlimited email support throughout the 3 months

$320 $275 (get 1 free follow up appointment and 7 day meal plan with this package)

Appointments Purchased Individually

Initial 1:1 appointment (lasting 6o minutes):  $95

What to expect:

We will look at your current eating and activity habits, health history, and your goals.  We will make a plan for how to best help you reach your goals with detailed information about what to eat, as well as activity, sleep, and successful habit changes.

Follow up 1:1 appointment (lasting 30 minutes): $45

What to expect:

We will check in to see how you’ve done, celebrate your accomplishments, or course correct as needed, and plan new strategies to continue your journey to health.  Follow up appointments are recommended once every other week or as recommended for your individual needs.

**** Please note that prices will be going up on June 30, 2017.****  If you purchase a package or appointment now, you can lock in the current rates.