Heart Health



  • Have you been told your cholesterol is high or maybe your LDL or HDL or VLDL or other alphabet soup is not in the normal range?
  • Have you been put on medications for cholesterol or high blood pressure but would like to make lifestyle changes to improve your health rather than focusing on just medications?
  • Has someone in your family been diagnosed with heart disease and you know you are at risk?

I can help! Good nutrition is a cornerstone of improving your cholesterol and blood pressure levels and lifestyle changes really can make a major difference!

Here’s how:

  • Learn to make simple changes that you can easily implement into your daily life to improve your cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Learn to decipher food labels and make healthy, smart choices when eating out
  • Learn how to plan meals that keep you full, and keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check
  • Maybe even get off (or reduce) medications and their associated side effects (but please don’t make any changes without consulting with your physician)